The Rules Of Engagement: How To Increase Brand Awareness Through Facebook



Facebook has announced plans to increase advertising efforts among the 25 million small businesses currently on the site. Facebook now has around a million active advertisers, but is looking for ways to ramp up paid advertising to its small business audience. The Social media giant has such a large reach, that it will not be able to help individual businesses through customer outreach or account management.  The plan is to instead make the ad buying process completely simplified and user friendly. A small business council has been formed to gain perspective in local markets as to how the program could be improved. Given the recent Though these changes are still being prototyped, there are easy ways to increase your brand exposure by following simple principles.

1. Know Who and What You Want

Going into Facebook advertising without a game plan can be a fatal mistake to your ad budget. Given the amount of ad choices and targeting options, it is important to choose wisely. Simply bidding for cheap likes may not get the quality audience that you are seeking. Though you may get less fans, targeting your audience to your key demographic will produce a higher ROI in the long run. You can then provide this highly targeted audience with a unique brand experience that will generate more organic reach through sharing.

2. Do Not Rely On Organic Posts

Organic reach has drastically decreased over the last year for businesses on Facebook. Simply posting on a business page will not reach the entire audience of fans a page has built up. This has been a controversial move for Facebook, as it has challenged the organic nature of social networking.  This does not mean a business should not make organic posts, you will still have some reach and will provide interest to people re-visiting your page. However, for promotions, big announcements, or exceptional content, paid boosted posts are a better bet for reaching a majority of your fans.

3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Due to the decrease in organic reach, it is important to make your posts matter. Rich sharable content will have a greater impact that generic posts.  Brands should create content that provide value to the viewers. Videos, interesting articles, or engaging industry news, can help circulate your content to new viewers. For promotions, graphics with coupons codes or exclusive deals are a great way to get your fans sharing with their friends, and expanding your reach.  The more your content is shared, the less your will end up spending on advertising in the long run.

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