Signs Your Website Is Outdated, and How You Can Fix It


Creating a website for your business can be a huge step forward for a company’s marketing strategy. Building and branding a website it is a large undertaking, that requires time and money.  Once a business has established a website, it can be easy to set it and forget it. However, for a company website to fully serve its purpose, it needs regular maintenance and updates. An outdated website can be off-putting to customers, as it is a reflection of the companies’ brand. By taking time and effort to keep your website in good shape, you are showing the dedication to your company’s professional image. Here are some signs that your website is in need of updating, and easy steps to make these updates.


Outdated Content

This can be the first indicator that your site needs an update. If you have copyrighted information that back-dates more than a couple years, new visitors may assume you may no longer be in business. This also applies to the rest of the content on your site. Take the time to do an audit of all website copy. Services and information should updated and only feature what your business currently offers. If you have a blog, make sure it is being posted to regularly, even if this is from a freelance writer. If you do not have a blog, this is the perfect time to start harvesting content to create one. Viewers are coming to your website for information, so it is critical to have up to date and informative content.

Slow Heavy Visuals

Websites with splash pages, large graphics, and flash animations are a thing of the past. These types of media cannot only deter the functionality of your site, but are also not SEO friendly. Images with text applied are not read by search engines. So avoid large poster type imagery, and instead use images as a support to your copy. Using flash anywhere on your site is a bad idea, as it is not supported by most mobile devices. Opening “splash” pages are considered distracting and can create drop-off, it is better to get viewers straight to the homepage and to the information they are seeking.

Cluttered Design

Once you start updating your website, it can be hard to know what to cut. Modern layouts are generally very clean, with strong call-to-actions and are easy to navigate. Take a step back and put yourself in the mind of the viewer. What areas look to busy? Do the menus create a logical path when navigating the website? This is also the time to test how your website looks on different devices, and if your website is mobile friendly. User experience is vital to having customers engage in your website.


Switching to a content management system, if you have not done so already simplifies the entire updating process. There are plenty to choose from, all of which give you control to easily make minor edits to the content and structure of your website.

At EmoryDay, our talented designers can create or refresh a website to reflect your brand. Our clean designs are built on user friendly content management systems. We can optimize your website into becoming a powerful lead generating tool.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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