Social Media Marketing: Kicking Off World Cup 2014



World cup 2014 started yesterday, and the international soccer tournament is a huge advertising opportunity for many brands. With $1.3 billion being spent on advertising this year, it is predicted that over 20% of this spend will be dedicated to digital marketing.  The main focus of this digital push be dedicated to social media. The marketing director of sportswear giant Adidas has predicted that world cup “will undoubtedly be the most social World Cup ever, and probably the most social event in history”. Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are predicted to see huge revenue increases, as they will be front and center in many campaigns. Social media advertising is proving to be a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, no matter what your budget may be. Here are some strategies from World Cup that can be applied to any marketing plan.


Twitter is reporting that there were more posts about world cup before the event, than during the entire 2010 tournament.  Soccer star Christian Ronaldo tweeted a link to Nike’s ad on youtube and the video received 70 million views within days. The growing popularity of Twitter is undeniable, and advertising on this network is becoming more popular.  The time sensitivity of Twitter is great for events and promotions, as it creates a sense of urgency. You can bid for followers or promote posts geared toward your target demographic. Followers generally cost between $2- $4, and promoted posts prices can be determined by the size of audience you would like to reach.


Facebook has also seen a huge increase in activity from World Cup. The opening game alone generated 58 million posts. The ability to micro-target viewers based on personal interest is where Facebook has the upper hand among the social networks. Facebook has offered advertisers a segment of viewers that have expressed interest in World Cup to its biggest advertisers, which is the first time Facebook has built a segment around a TV event. By learning your ideal demographic’s interest and habits you can bid for ads that can target extremely specific audiences, and drive traffic to your site.


World Cup ads have already been shared more than this years Super Bowl ads, with 6.9 shares across social media in total. If you have the capacity to create a video, Youtube may be a great option for reaching a new audience. Youtube ads spend is generally around $.01-$.23 a view, and you do not pay unless the viewers watched the entire ad. You can target your ad based on age, location, interest  or keywords. The added bonus is being able to re-purpose your ad across other social sites and promoting on your website.

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