How To Stretch Your Ad Dollars With Bing


When it comes to digital marketing, pay per click advertising should be a main component of your plan. When most people think of search engine advertising, Google is top of mind. This is valid given the search engine giant holds 65% market share. However, if you are building a pay per click campaign, you should consider putting some of your budget towards Bing for paid search. Here is how Bing can help improve your overall PPC strategy.

Bing’s Search Share is Growing

 Bing and Yahoo are now in an alliance, meaning  they use a combined advertising platform. This partnership accounts for 30% of search engine traffic. If you are not using Bing Ads, you are missing out on reaching almost a third of your audience. Bing has also continued to grow, taking an average 5% of Google’s market share per year.

Bing Ads Are Cheaper

 The biggest advantage of advertising on the Bing network, is that cost per click is much lower than Adwords. Research shows that Bing network ads can be up to 50%-70% less expensive than Adwords. Meaning you can bid on more competitive and effective keywords for a lower price. This is due to the fact that there is less competition on the Bing network.  Your ads may not being reaching the same amount of viewers, but since you are paying per click, you will potentially acquire more conversions for a lower price.

Better Ad Placements

 There are several advantages to search ads shown on Bing. First being more ads at the top of the page. Bing offers four spots, where Google only offers three, so your chances of having a noticeable ad are increased. You can also use 40 characters in Bing for ad copy, where Google caps at 25. This give you more room to explain why a customer should come to your site.

Easy Integration

 Bing’s platform allows you to import all of your ad campaigns from adwords quickly and seamlessly. This means you can do testing in Adwords to find out what campaigns are successful before you invest in Bing. The Bing network has consistently improved its interface, and now has most of the functionality of Adwords.

 Bing should not replace Adwords in your marketing strategy, but work in tandem to make sure are achieving as much reach as possible. Getting started with a pay per click can be daunting, and requires insight into what makes a successful campaign. At EmoryDay we have PPC experts that can set up, monitor, and analyze your paid search campaigns. We believe in a results driven approach, and can help increase profits for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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