Empower Fitness

For the past 20+ our company has engaged in selling consumer products to retailers. We faced the challenge of creating a relationship with our end consumer, not simply the retailer. From day one, Joe Jaap and his team created strategic planning and drove all initiatives. Over the years, we have tried and failed with several so called “website” companies that lacked the honesty, quality, and mutual focus of goals like Emory Day does. EmoryDay is a talented team of seasoned professionals that were quick to understand our business, and provided the best in Internet marketing, web development, and creative services.

Summit Communications

EmoryDay is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and helping our business grow. Their staff has guided us in our branding, web page design, along with other business growth efforts. We been in business for twenty-five years, and have never felt comfortable with an outside marketing developer until EmoryDay. Joe Jaap and his team have a talent for being able to work with us, finding our marketing needs, and exercising them in short-order within a reasonable budget. We are happy that we have chosen EmoryDay as our marketing developer.

Iron Highway Enterprises

EmoryDay provided our company spectacular service. The caliber of the website they produced, surprised even myself. It showcased the work of our small company, and I have had many of our new customers tell me, “I saw your website, and you have the expertise to handle my project”. I would recommend EmoryDay for any new, up and coming, or seasoned company’s web design needs.

Ibsen Costumes

I appreciate all the detail involved with my website. Though I am not computer savvy, the EmoryDay team stayed with me until I was able to handle all of the aspects of maintaining my website. I was very pleased with the outcome and follow up by the creative staff. I would highly recommend EmoryDay. Top Notch!

Celestia Corp

I have worked with hundreds of suppliers, and thousands of customers over the years, and few compare to the professionalism, expertise, and success rate of EmoryDay. It’s a pleasure to work with such a talented group of people who share the same goals as we do.

Prepaid Wireless

EmoryDay is talented team of seasoned professionals that are quick to understand your business, and jump right in providing the best in digital marketing, web development and creative services. They did a stellar job helping build out our website into a leading web portal, creating a clean design that is intuitive and easy to navigate for an internet novice.

My Top Off

Over the last four years Emoryday has helped grow our business through web design, marketing and technical support. They have guided our team through the marketing process and have created new initiatives to help promote our products.The strategies they have suggested have helped improve our search ranking, and build our brand overall. I would highly recommend EmoryDay.

Ignite Media

We hired EmoryDay to design our initial website and since that time they have evolved into become more of a business partner then just a vendor. They continue to develop practical business strategies that deliver measurable results for our company.


Selecting the right partners can make the difference between success and failure. If you want your business to succeed, choose EmoryDay. There are a lot of companies that build websites, but none of them provide the honesty, quality, and mutual focus on your goals like they do. We started with an idea and vision, EmoryDay helped shape that vision which provided immeasurable value.