Top 4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog


Too many businesses still aren’t convinced that publishing blog content can have the return on investment they are seeking from online marketing efforts. Many think that due to the nature of their industry, a blog isn’t the right tool for them or they expect their time and efforts will be wasted.

The bottom line is, that kind of thinking is just not supported by the data. Publishing valuable content online has tremendous and proven results for businesses seeking to grow.

Hosting a blog on your own website is a strong way to boost organic SEO results. But simply driving increased traffic to your site isn’t going to translate into tangible results in the form of sales. What you really need is to reach your target audience, give them something valuable in the form of content, and then funnel the right type of traffic to your website. Using a blog can accomplish all of these things and more, if done well.

Here are the top 4 reasons your business really needs to invest in a blog, regardless of your industry.

1. Demonstrate Who You Are and What You Know

Yes, your website should be designed to do this, but only in a nutshell! Your business’ website should primarily provide a snapshot of who you are/what you do and secondly needs to funnel clients through to the point of sale. But an overly content-heavy website is a big turn off for potential clients.

Here is where a blog can help you!

Using your blog as a platform, you can broadcast your superior knowledgebase on all things related to your business and industry. One thing your blog should never be is a direct sales pitch. However, when you continuously demonstrate your authority and expertise in your field by posting information that is relevant and useful, you establish your business as an expert and, indirectly, that will result in increased sales.

Also, in a blog format, you have the opportunity to truly exhibit your business’ personality. Does your team approach all work with a bit of humor, or are you the straight-forward, no nonsense type? A blog is the perfect place to demonstrate the culture of your organization and to find and share your voice as a business.

2. Connect With More People –Customers, Employees, Industry Partners and More

Establishing yourself as an expert in all things related to your industry by publishing regular blog content will help connect your organization to anyone and everyone surrounding it. This includes driving new customers to your proverbial doorstep.

However, once you become a trusted source for information in your field, you may see added benefits other than just attracting new customers. A strong blog could bring a potential employment candidate to you, with resume in hand. It could connect you to another business in your industry with an opportunity for a symbiotic partnership of some sort.

As you establish your business as having knowledge and authority, you will become a significant voice in your industry, which will lead all kinds of opportunity to your door.

3. Blogging Makes You a More Active Participant on Social Media

When it comes to Social Media engagement as a business, finding a way to participate can be very difficult. Of course, with consumers spending increasingly more time engaging with social media, this is an opportunity no business can afford to overlook.

Unless you are selling a product or service that translates naturally in a social media setting, your options for participating may seem limited: post only simple status updates, share content others have created, or simply remain quiet. But there is an option for you that will help bolster your social media presence: create and share blog posts!

For one, you are saving time and getting the greatest amount of return from your efforts when you use your own content from your blog and format it for sharing on varying social media platforms. You will also engage with your current contacts and give them the opportunity to share with their own network, expanding your reach significantly and for no cost whatsoever.

4. The Tried And True Method – Year After Year, Blogging Gets Organic Results

Every year, there are new trends in online marketing. While investing in current marketing strategies like social media advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC) and targeted email marketing and optimizing content for mobile is absolutely an important part of any robust marketing strategy, active blogging has continued to be a measurable, effective way to boost your presence and effectively market your business online.

Every time you post on your blog, you are helping to boost your rankings on SERPS and providing one more indexed page on your website, which all serves to drive the right traffic to your website in an organic search. Publishing relevant, interesting content online and doing so regularly is time and time again cited as the key to an effective marketing strategy.

Give It All You’ve Got – Partner With EmoryDay

Can you or a member of your team write a strong, informative, unique blog post that would be appealing to your target readers? Most people argue yes, they could. However, for a blog to be effective, it’s necessary to continue to publish fresh, relevant, good content, again and again and again, consistently.

If there isn’t anyone on your team whose time and focus you can spare to create and publish strong blog content as frequently as necessary, you should consider hiring a marketing team.

EmoryDay – The Content Marketing Champions

Whether you currently utilize varying online marketing tactics or are just starting to explore your options, let the team at EmoryDay provide you with insight that will help your business grow. Our time-tested strategies actively leverage the most comprehensive and up to date marketing best practices and tailor them to suit your business, so you get the greatest results from your efforts.

Download a sample Strategic Marketing Plan, then contact us for a free consultation so we can learn more about your business.

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