A Tower Amidst a City: Why Digital Branding is Critical


Digital branding is an absolute must in today’s web driven world, especially as a small business. Every day flooded by advertisements and images at all turns, the consumer can be hard to reach and even harder to get to pay attention to something. Ultimately name recognition is the most powerful tool in the business-building arsenal and social media is a potent means with which to use it successfully. It’s easy to think of digital branding as simply being a logo or name with which people associate. The reality is social media outlets give that logo or name the ability to do something more than sit at a physical location or appear on television. Powerhouse corporations have gone to great lengths and come up with very innovative stratagems for achieving this, but the seeming limitations a small business might encounter offer something corporations can never achieve in the same way: Intimacy. Small businesses are driven by the face-to-face and personal touch. Taking advantage of that aspect of a company’s structure can yield great results with digital branding.


The Visual impact of Digital Branding

At the outset some sort of visual still is vital for digital branding. The more a unique logo or icon a business can turn up, especially in online settings, the better. Generating familiarity is one of the first key points to circulating a brand successfully. Consistency is the second element of successfully creating a digital brand. This means making sure to represent the same iconography and experience across any outlet and platform. Visuals only scratch the surface, especially with social media’s potential for digital branding. The first place to start is by creating a presence on outlets beyond a standard website. Make a profile that is thorough, distinct, and well connected to all other online media sources. Next, start using it consistently. Posting frequently and interacting with users is the surefire way to create a digital brand reaching into meaningful territory. Respond to users promptly, actively seek out new ones, and interact with other businesses and entities. Do not create a digital presence and then let it sit, that’s what a homepage is for.

Social Media’s Influence on Branding

Maintaining an active presence on social media offers great advantages. Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that it’s essentially free advertising. Actively pursuing a digital brand not only allows for tremendous reach, even globally, but also creates a distinct voice. For small business it’s an opportunity to communicate not only the what, but the who. Since consumers gravitate toward the familiar, being a voice and not just a face is critical. Engaging consumers in ways that exceed a standard business transaction offers an experience, humanizing what may otherwise seem intangible and detached. The results are well worth the effort.

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