Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms on the web, with millions of users from all walks of life. Twitter allows users to send messages to their feed of 140 characters or less, and takes advantage of a ‘hashtag’ (#) system that brands specific words. The most popular hashtags are considered to be trending and are displayed on the side of a Twitter user’s newsfeed. Operating similar to an RSS feed, Twitter is fast-paced, but if used correctly, can reach millions of people.

How Twitter Can Benefit Your Business

Those with a large following of users hold a high influence, and their posts gain attention. When Tweets are “Retweeted,” or shared, they reach an entirely new audience. This means that a business which builds a following can reach a huge number of people totally unavailable to them before through the use of Twitter. The key lies in knowing how to produce headlines with the potential to go ‘viral’ and how to create content that will be valuable to a lot of people. If a business knows this, they can increase the awareness of the business and spread their brand. Twitter can also put users in touch with influential people in a nonthreatening and approachable manner, opening all kinds of opportunities for smart users.

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