How To Use Facebook For Business

facebookbWhen exploring marketing ideas to help build your business, social media is a rapidly growing that channel that cannot be ignored. With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is currently the social media king. The social network is constantly improving its features to help users find small business, and help these business reach new customers.  Creating a presence on facebook can help you engage your target audience and grow your company. Here are some easy steps to help build brand awareness, and increase sales by using Facebook.

1. Create an Appealing Page

 Your Facebook page gives credibility to your business, so the branding should be consistent with the rest of your marketing channels.  Use your business logo for your primary photo, and a cover photo that showcases your company’s capabilities.  Have a concise description of what your business offers, along with your contact information. By adding a local address, Facebook gives the option of having a business rating, so viewers can give you stars based on their experiences with your services.

2. Start Sharing Content

Facebook’s value is its word of mouth appeal. By uploading interesting and relevant content, viewers are more likely to share with friends, which will help drive more traffic to your page. Keep posts short and visual. By tying in photos or video clips to your posts, you are more likely see more interaction with your posts. You can pay a small amount to boost posts that you feel may be popular among your target audience, which will give the post a larger reach. Also, make sure to use hashtags (#) next to keywords (ex. #facebookmarketing) so people looking for more information on this topic will be led to your page.

3. Build Your Audience

While sharing content will help gain followers organically, there are also several pro-active steps you can take to increase your Facebook audience. By using the “Build Your Audience” tool in your admin section, you can first start by inviting contacts to like your page. This sends them an email or a Facebook notification. You can also create a “like” ad with an image and a call to action to like your page. After viewers hit the like button, any new content you post will be on their feed. For retail businesses, Facebook has an “Offers” feature, where you can set up coupons to be redeemed in store or online. This type of promotional activity will drive traffic to your page, increasing your brand awareness.

4. Monitor Your Activity

Facebook has easy to use analytic information. You can keep track of how many people are interacting with your page, and what content is receiving the most buzz.  There are tools to track your ad spend and effectiveness, and you can set up tracking to see how many people are visiting your site from Facebook. By utilizing the data, you can make sure Facebook is providing valuable results for your business.

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