How and Why You Should Use Google + For Business


When Google+ was first introduced, the hype surrounding the new social network made it seem that it was the next social phenomenon. It was expected to take Facebook’s spot as #1 social network. Google + did not end up revolutionizing the social media world, and has even been called a ghost-town.  However, there is value within Google + and it can be used to enhance small businesses marketing and social media strategy.  The network can actually be a powerful tool for search engine optimization and can help improve your search ranking.  Here are tips on started with Google+ and the benefits that come with using this network.

1. Build Your Profile

The first step in getting a Google+ business page is registering for a Google account. This is free, and if you use Gmail, you already have access to Google+. You can then create a page for your business. Make sure your page has high-quality images that represent your brand. On this page you can give an introduction to your business and include contact information. You can add links to your website, youtube, or any other related links. Since this is a product of the #1 search engine in the world, Google looks favorably on Google+ pages. So for many viewers, this may be the first impression of your business.  Once you have a page built, you can add the Google+ logo to your marketing channels (website, blog posts, emails, ect.). This can help build your following of viewers.

2. Add Authorship

Search engine optimization has heading in the direction of quantity over quality.Google authorship tags each piece of your content and lets the search engine know who created it. This creatives validity in the content and helps weed out spam.  Authorship will tie in with your Google account and post a profile snapshot along with your article. Content with authorship has shown to rank higher in search engines than those without. To claim authorship you need an email address  that matched your company website URL (ex. Here is a good guide to setting up authorship.

3. Post and Track Your Content

The key to having Google + work for your SEO, is providing useful content that search engines find valuable. Research hot topics is your industry within Google + by searching hastags(#), and see if you can provide additional insight. Since YouTube is integrated with Google +, videos can be a great way to generate traffic to your page. To see what topics and types of content are most effective in engaging your audience, you can see the basic analytic information from the social network in “manage pages”.  If you would like a deeper dive as to where your traffic is coming from and demographic information, you can set up your page with Google Analytics.

Building and maintaining a social media strategy is an important part of any marketing plan. However getting started and maintaining these pages can be time consuming for small business owners. At EmoryDay we have the tools to help increase your web presence and and attract new prospects. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help optimize your marketing strategy.

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