How To Use Linkedin For Business


With over 65 million members, Linkedin is considered to be the world’s largest professional network. The social network is continually expanding its features, and adding to its capabilities. LinkedIn works as a job board, content sharing forum, and networking hub. This network can be especially beneficial for B2B companies, as nearly 50% of Linkedin users have decision making authority in their company. The benefits of LinkedIn are the ability to stay top of mind to your audience, establish yourself as a thought leader, and improve your search engine optimization.

1.  Build Your Profile

The first step in getting started is building your business profile. If you have a personal LinkedIn profile you can use this to set up and manager your company page. This page allows you to apply your company branding, list your services, and give an overview of what makes your business special. You can also create sub-pages called “showcase” pages to highlight specific services or elements of your business that link directly from your main company page.  Keep the language and imagery professional, and representative of your brand.

2. Build Your Following

 The first place to start when building your LinkedIn followers is in-house. Ask your employees to follow the page, and engage in regular discussions. This will be viewed by their networks, and also show prospective clients that your employees are engaged in your company mission. The next step is to add LinkedIn to all of your marketing channels. Using a small piece of code, you can add a “Follow” button to your website, so visitors can become a follower without ever leaving your company website. You can also add LinkedIn icons to your emails,newsletters and blog posts leading your company page.

3. Start Networking

Once you have done the initial steps to attract followers, it is time to utilize the networking aspect of LinkedIn. Start by following your current clients or prospects and engage in conversations they have started. There are around a million “groups” on LinkedIn, so identify which ones your potential prospects may be active in, and participate in group discussions. Post original content and share relevant articles to help engage your followers in conversation. Keeping an active profile will not only keep you fresh in your audience’s mind, but will also help with your search engine optimization.  The more active your company page, the more likely search engines will view it as a resource and move it up in search rankings.

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