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When it comes to improving the performance of your eCommerce business, you should consider leveraging the power of webmaster tools. Some of the best webmaster tools available online at this time are Google’s webmaster tools, Yahoo’s Site Explorer webmaster tools, and Live.com’s webmaster tools.

How To Improve Your Website Using Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools


Google’s Webmaster Tools allow webmasters a way to check the status of their indexing and develop strategies to optimize website visibility.


• It helps in submitting and checking a sitemap.
• It helps in checking and setting the crawl rate of Googlebots by offering stats on how the bots access a specific site
• It helps in generating robots.txt files as well as pages accidentally blocked by robots.txt.
• It helps in identifying both internal and external links pointing to your site.
• It helps in generating a list of broken links on your site.
• It helps in identifying the keyword searches that led to your site getting listed in the search engine results pages (SERPs)

Yahoo’s Site Explorer Webmaster Tools


Yahoo Site Explorer merged with Bing webmaster tools after November 21, 2011. Like Google’s webmaster tools, it offers quite a number of benefits, although many critics say that it is not as dynamic as before. For instance, before the merger, a webmaster could get a comprehensive backlink report on any website, however, after the merger, this was limited to 1,000 links to websites that were not owned by the webmaster.


• It helps in submitting a sitemap.
• It helps in submitting a total of 20 url removal requests.
• It helps in rewriting dynamic URLs.
• It helps in submitting feeds for Yahoo Search Monkey.
• It helps in viewing errors bots encountered when crawling your site.

Live.com’s Webmaster Tools


Live.com is a Microsoft-owned domain for their Microsoft Analytics company. It helps webmasters interested in market research. Microsoft analytics tools use cookies to track what sites users visit and what links they click on


• It helps in determining what people are looking for online.
• It helps in differentiating between competitors in a niche.
• It helps in market research to develop new ideas
• It helps make data compilation easy using Microsoft’s software. Business intelligence can be compiled in Excel while more sophisticated analytics can be understood through SQL servers.
• It helps make meetings more productive because data can be shared in a visible way through graphs and charts using Microsoft software like Powerpoint.

The Value Of Optimizing Your Website With Webmaster Tools

While it is possible, given enough time and effort, to learn how to use these webmaster tools, it is probably more productive for webmasters to get expert help in using these tools to optimize their websites. EmoryDay is full service internet marketing consultancy that provides small business owners many services to maximize their marketing efforts, including help with using webmasters tools optimally. You can find out more about their unique and highly-effective marketing services at www.emoryday.co

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