What is Remarketing?


You’ve finally found them.

The blue suede shoes that you have wanted since you saw someone wearing them in your favorite YouTube video.

It’s time to click that purchase button. 

The phone starts ringing and your inbox fills up with emails. You can finish your purchase later.

But you don’t. 

The next day, while you’re browsing Facebook, you see an advertisement for those shoes you forgot to purchase! Plus you received a discount code for 10% off.

Time to go buy those shoes. 

You’ve been a successful target of remarketing. Not only do you get those groovy shoes, the vendor has made a sale. 

Remarketing 101

Serving up ads or sending follow up emails that alert you to unfinished purchases, are two examples of remarketing. The nature of the internet severely impacts businesses who need to keep a visitor’s attention long enough to complete a sale. 

According to the Baymard Institute, most websites experience a shopping cart abandonment of almost 70%. That’s a lot of potential sales and returning customers that have escaped – and you already know they’re interested in buying! 

By capturing visitor statistics and other metrics, serving up the right remarketing ad isn’t difficult, and when you have created a follow up advertisement or email with a strong call to action which includes a discount, you increase your chances of closing the sale.

There are several different types of remarketing which can help your company capture unfinished purchases and gain new visitors. It’s wise to remember that while not entirely complicated, remarketing requires a familiarity with marketing tactics, technology, website programming, and developing the right type of content.

Three Remarketing Tactics

The first type of remarketing is Standard Remarketing. By using Google Display Network applications and social media websites, relevant advertisements can be served to visitors as they navigate around the internet.

Dynamic Remarketing takes a little more effort – the ads a visitor will see include the actual item they were about to purchase, along with a discount or special offer. Dynamic remarketing packs more of a punch, and increases the chance of bringing a customer back to your website to complete their purchase.

A third solution is email remarketing. By collecting visitor data, you can create an email that targets specific audience members with advertisements and links that will bring them directly to the pages they visited on your site. Success rates for email remarketing are high due to the fact that the person who receives them is already familiar with your brand and service.

In addition to completing sales, remarketing helps increase your brand recognition, indicates to customers that you value their business, and enables you to collect information that will help create impactful and relevant advertising campaigns in the future.

A successful remarketing campaign starts with a detailed plan that includes a tested strategy paired with the proper tactics. EmoryDay has a full complement of services that our clients have been using for the past 17 years – and we match our services and technology with employees who are experts in their fields.

We have conducted numerous remarketing campaigns for current and new clients, and our processes are constantly updated to reflect what we’ve learned from working with them. These interactions and experiences are added to our knowledge base, so EmoryDay stays current on marketing techniques and how to use them properly.

Standard and Dynamic remarketing campaigns are successful because we use a team approach. Your account executive will work with you to define the goals of your campaign and discuss how to accomplish them. This plan could take a variety of forms, all of which fit under the remarketing label.

Email remarketing campaigns are another option we’ll discuss with you – we have decades of experience with email marketing campaigns and our writers can create engaging, direct content that will help move your customers through the sales funnel. EmoryDay will also schedule and publish your emails and provide follow up analytics backed with insightful interpretations.

Whichever technique you select for your remarketing campaign, the finished pieces will be expertly designed and written by our creative staff. You only have a split second to influence a user to take action when they receive an email or see an ad – EmoryDay’s expertise will increase the chances of a user taking action in that short amount of time.

Remarketing campaigns are an excellent way to capture lost sales and keep your brand, product, or service in front of your customers’ eyes. All it takes is a partner like EmoryDay who can provide professional, customized services. Visit us today and get started with a 30 Day Free Trial and a FREE marketing plan!

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