Why Your Company Should Be Using Infographics


Infographics are a great marketing tool that offer many benefits for companies. If your business hasn’t started using them as part of your content marketing strategy, you should definitely get on the bandwagon!

What are Infographics? 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an infographic as a “visual presentation of information in the form of a chart, graph, or other image accompanied by minimal text, intended to give an easily understood overview, often of a complex subject.” They are simply a visual presentation of data or information. 

But, what makes infographics so cool is that they make data or important, and often complex, information easier to understand and digest. And, in a world where we are insanely busy and constantly doing all the things all the time, getting information presented to us in an easy-to-digest format is refreshing. And, it has a better chance of leaving a lasting impression. 

Benefits of Using Infographics 

Here are four reasons why infographics are a great marketing strategy. 

1. They can help increase your sales.

HubSpot compiled some great stats on infographics, one of them being the fact that they can increase a company’s sales by up to 80%

2. They do well on social media.

According to Hubspot, infographics are actually “liked and shared more than any other type of content on social media.” This can help get more exposure to your social media pages, which can lead to more traffic to your website. And, you can also use them to engage with your social media followers.  

3. They can increase your content’s exposure.

Because infographics are super easy to share on social media, your content has the opportunity to get seen by more people, including potential customers. Plus, HubSpot notes that infographics are actually “30 times more likely to be read in their entirety than blog posts or news articles.” So, not only does your content have a better chance of being seen by more people, but it’s more likely that it will actually be read and absorbed. 

4. They can build your brand’s credibility.

Companies that create high-quality infographics that present important information or data are often seen as trustworthy. So, by using infographics, you can establish your business as a voice of authority and industry expert. 

Tips for Creating Infographics 

In order to be effective, infographics need to be of quality. Here are four tips for creating high-quality infographics. 

1. Try to keep them to one topic.

Putting too much information on your infographic defeats the purpose of making content easily digestible. If the topic of your infographic has lots of important information you need to present, consider breaking it up into a series of infographics.

2. Be very strategic when designing your infographics. 

Infographics need to have a clean, easy-to-follow design. This means you’ll want an easy-to-read font, colors that either align with your branding or lend themselves to your topic, and appropriate visuals. Consider hiring a professional designer to create your infographics if you don’t have one already on staff. 

3. Find a good balance of visuals and text.

According to a LinkedIn article, “visuals are key to an infographic, yet sometimes the end result is too much text and not enough graphics.” The LinkedIn article suggests finding ways to pull out the infographic’s key statistics and essentially making them pop. You can do this by highlighting them with “larger fonts, illustrations or even graphs.” 

4. Use reputable sources for your data. 

When selecting statistics and data for your infographic, make sure these figures and facts come from reputable sources. Avoid sites like Wikipedia. Also, be sure to include your sources at the bottom of your infographic. 

EmoryDay Can Help Your Company Design Amazing Infographics!

We love helping businesses incorporate new strategies into their marketing plans. And, we love working with infographics! 

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