WordPress is a web design platform that allows webmasters and laypeople alike to produce websites and blogs quickly. The platform can be installed to a domain along with a user interface that automates most of the creation process. It produces high quality web pages that use current Web 2.0 standards of usability and organization. It is a popular business solution and represented almost 20 percent of all web pages on the internet in 2013.

The Benefits From Using WordPress

WordPress is a streamlined website and blog creation platform that does away with many of the technical requirements of web design. It is open source, which means anyone can use it for free, and virtually anyone can build an attractive web portal within five minutes. WordPress’s open source community has also made a wealth of templates and add-ons available that make site design and content management even easier. It stands out as one of the most user-friendly web design platforms and utilizes decentralized cloud computing to make it possible to modify a website from virtually any computer without the need to transfer files.

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