App Takeover: Mobile Search Shifting Away from Google


A new study from Emarketer has confirmed that Google’s dominance in mobile paid search is shrinking due to the explosion of mobile apps. By 2018 it is predicted that mobile will account for 86% of all digital marketing ad spend. With this mobile take over, it is predicted that Google’s share of these marketing dollars will fall almost twenty percent. In 2012 google represented 82.8% of ad search dollars, by 2018 it is predicted that number will look more like 64%. The decrease is attributed to the behavior changes in mobile users. Consumers are moving away from the traditional browser on mobile devices, and are now spending approximately 86% of their time in apps. Here are the top apps gaining ad share, and how they may be able to help your marketing strategy.


The restaurant locating app is showing one of the highest amounts growth among ad revenue. They recently reported a 66% quarterly gain. This app is considered trustworthy due to its location services and customer reviews. For brick and mortar businesses, it is essential to have an active yelp account. As viewers back away from browsers, they are finding highly optimized apps provide quicker access to what they need. Yelp allows you to build out a cost per click program based around display or boosted ranking on the page. You are able to target this to your geographic area, which can be key for businesses looking to pick up more foot traffic.


Another app taking a slice of the mobile search pie is online shopping giant Amazon. Equipt with its own mobile ad network, Amazon is able to serve ads targeting to viewers shopping patterns. Ads are served via CPC or CPM and also have device targeting features. For e-commerce retailers, this mean more traffic to your amazon store, and increased conversions. The site has reported that mobile advertising on the platform can help increase retailer’s Amazon store exposure by up to 39%.


The social media king Facebook has also created its own mobile app network named “Facebook Audience Network”. Mobile advertising has already been very successful for the brand, but they are now looking to extend their reach. Businesses will be able to build their own mobile ads and serve across the various apps in the Audience network, based on Facebook’s detailed targeting data. This will be helpful to businesses looking to target niche demographics.

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