How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Business


Podcasting is a great marketing strategy that can help boost your brand and turn listeners into customers. Doing a podcast for your business can also keep your current customers coming back for more. 

We talked a little about this in our post about 2022 digital marketing trends, but with the increasing popularity of podcasts, it’s becoming clear that podcasting is a marketing strategy that businesses should be leveraging. 

10 Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business 

1. Increase social media following

According to VMG Studios, “podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media.” 

2. Build brand awareness

We mentioned this in our Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 post, but to recap, podcasting is a fantastic way to build your company’s brand awareness and help potential customers recognize your products and services. 

3. Boost SEO

Another one of the many benefits of podcasting is that it can boost your SEO. When you create a podcast, you can get it to appear on search engines, like Bing and Google. This will also help drive more traffic to your website. Just make sure you transcribe your podcasts. You can also turn them into blog posts to boost your SEO even more. 

4. Show credibility and build trust

According to Entrepreneur, podcasts are an excellent way for your businesses to establish your credibility, which will help build trust with your audience. 

5. Establish your company as an industry expert 

In addition to building trust and credibility, podcasting will establish your company as an industry expert.

6. Build a sense of community 

Business podcasting can help your company build a sense of community with your listeners, which can help you get more customers since they will be invested and care about your business.  

7. Build relationships

Another benefit of podcasting is that it can help your company build relationships with potential partners. You can invite them to be guests on your podcast and form partnerships to promote each other’s products and services.  

8. It’s cost-effective

According to Women Conquer Business, podcasting is a “low-cost marketing method that scales easily.” Podcasting is a cost-marketing strategy, especially when compared to other marketing methods, like running ads or creating commercials. They are free to record, unless you need to purchase equipment. But, you can find items, like a microphone, for relatively cheap. And, hosting a podcast doesn’t have to break the bank. There are platforms that charge as little as $12 a month. 

9. Humanize your brand

VMG Studios offers your company the chance to humanize your brand because it allows others to “get to know the people behind the brand”, especially if your podcast includes employee interviews.  

10. Make extra revenue 

Did you know that podcasting can actually be an extra revenue stream for your company? According to VMG Studios, “the more your podcast grows, the more opportunity there is to sell paid advertising slots.” That’s right! Other companies will actually pay your business to include commercials on your podcast. 

Business Podcasting Ideas

Need some podcasting ideas? We have a bunch!

5 Business Podcasting Ideas

1. Promote an upcoming product launch.

2. Talk about any new sales or promotions your business is going to run.

3. Showcase your employees and the fabulous work they do for your company. 

4. Discuss your different products or services.

5. Have partners guest star on your podcast and be a guest on theirs as well. 

EmoryDay Can Help Your Business Start a Thriving Podcast!

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