How To Create A Great Marketing Email

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Outbound email marketing is NOT dead! In fact, it is still very much alive, and when executed correctly, outbound email marketing is a fantastic way to grow your business and improve your bottom line. But, in order to get results, your outbound email marketing needs to be done right. Here are 7 useful tips for creating an outbound marketing email that will get opens and clicks. 

1. Include a great subject line. 

If you want a prospect to open your outbound marketing email, you need a great subject line. Period. Another thing to consider is keeping your subject lines short and sweet. 15 characters or less is ideal.

2. Avoid emojis.

Emojis and emoticons are great for social media, but they don’t belong in email marketing, especially if your industry is more on the professional side. Do yourself a favor and don’t use them in your marketing emails.  

3. Keep your marketing emails brief.

The whole point of an outbound marketing email is to get prospects to visit your site and fill out a form or pick up the phone and give your business a call. A long, drawn out message will get your email out of the inbox and right into the trash folder. 150-200 words is the ideal word count for a marketing email.

4. Avoid sending image-only emails.

While many feel using images with text on them in marketing emails can help bring your messages to life, make sure you also include text in the body of your email. Using image-only emails can trigger your marketing emails to be sent to spam.

5. Be sure to include a strong Call To Action (CTA)

Every marketing email must have a strong CTA. To learn more about CTAs and how to craft a great one, check out our post “Grow Your Business With Strong CTAs.”

6. Use bullet points to make your emails scannable.

People are busy, so a scannable email is more likely to get read. And, using bullet points to highlight your company’s products or services in your marketing emails is a great way to ensure your email is scannable.

7. Optimize your emails for mobile devices.  

Nowadays, almost half of all emails (exactly 41.9%) are opened using mobile devices. So, if you want people to open and click on your marketing email, you must optimize your email for mobile devices. Luckily, we have some great tips for that, too.

A Note About Drip Marketing Emails

Drip email marketing is an excellent way to prospect over email and get potential leads to your website. In a drip marketing email campaign, one to three emails are sent over a two week time period.

Let EmoryDay Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level!The EmoryDay marketing team is full of outbound email experts. Our Account Managers can help craft and send marketing emails that get results. We can also monitor your results and make tweaks where and when needed. Let EmoryDay manage your email marketing efforts!

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