’s Webmaster Tools has recently consolidated with Bing’s Webmaster Tools in order to provide a more quality and concise experience. The tool is designed to add traffic of a desired clientele to small business sites using search engine keywords.


How This Can Benefit Your Business

Such a tool is essential for a small business in this day and age. With the internet ever-expanding, most people are looking toward websites for their business options. Many small businesses don’t have the money to advertise specifically on larger websites, and they lack the knowledge about how to increase traffic flow. Bing’s Webmaster Tools not only increase the flow to a small business website, but they provide tools and advice about how to improve upon a website. It’s a system designed to teach a small business owner about the trends in the internet today. And the tools also provide the search engine keys that caused people to find the specific business, allowing a business owner to tailor website keywords and advertising more specifically.

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