Why You Should Have a Google My Business Account

Google My Business

If your company doesn’t already have a Google My Business Account, you should sign up for one ASAP.

The Importance Of Having A Google My Business Account

Having a Google My Business Account is incredibly beneficial to your company because it offers so much more than just a business listing. In fact, there are 9 awesome benefits of signing up for a Google My Business Account:

1. A Google My Business Account offers the best of both worlds.

According to Marketing Bitz, the two most popular resources people use when making purchasing decisions are customer reviews and Google. And, a Google My Business Account incorporates both of those to help market your business.

2. A Google My Business Account is free!

Utilizing Google My Business is completely free. And, when you sign up for an a\ccount, your business will appear in Google searches, making it a great and FREE way to market your products and services.

3. A Google My Business Account shows your business can be trusted. 

At the end of the day, so many people put their trust in Google. If it weren’t a trustworthy search engine, millions of people wouldn’t be using it when looking for specific products and services. So, if your business’s listing comes up in someone’s Google search, they will instantly know that your business is trustworthy.

4. A Google My Business Account ensures your company’s information is always accurate and up-to-date.

According to Forbes, Google My Business allows for information consistency, which is “invaluable to make sure customers are contacting you at the right times and getting the right idea of what your business does.”

5. Google My Business allows you to get valuable insights into what your customers are searching.

The insights you can get from your Google My Business Account will really help your marketing efforts. Knowing what your current customers are searching for when looking for services like yours allows you to tailor your SEO efforts, so your business will show up in the searches of new potential customers.

6. A Google My Business Account can help you get more leads and eventually more sales.

Signing up for a Google My Business Account allows your company to appear in Google searches, which improves your company’s online visibility. And, because having an optimized Google My Business listing is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase, it can also increase your sales.

7. A Google My Business Account provides a free way to engage with your customers. 

The platform allows you to engage with your customers by posting announcements, promotions, and other events. And, if you incorporate SEO into your postings, they may also come up during consumer searches, which will attract even more people to your site.

8. A Google My Business account allows you to appear in local searches on Google Maps. 

Appearing in local searches can really help boost your business’s bottom line because a whopping 58% of all Google searches are conducted by consumers looking for a product or service they can get locally.

9. Google My Business allows you to manage your online reviews.

As you learned in our post, How To Handle Negative Online Reviews, online reviews can make or break a business. According to Forbes the Google My Business platform allows you to manage your Google reviews by turning them into a two-way conversation and responding to both positive and negative ones.

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