How Can Google+ Benefit My Business?


Google+ boasts nearly 400 million users, robust tools for monitoring and reporting marketing analytics, and a unique medium for interacting with your business’ community online–yet it’s one of the most under-utilized social media resource for small business owners. Google+ is one social media tool that business owners, especially those whose target customer base is local, should not ignore.

There are 3 major benefits to a business of any size and in any industry to having and maintaining a Google+ business page: visibility, engagement, verification.

1 Visibility:

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of a Google+ account for businesses is visibility. While increasing your valuable content online is the first step to increasing your online visibility – and publishing content on Google+ certainly accomplishes that – even more important is that when you have a Google+ account, you increase your online visibility within the Google universe. Google is the world’s number one search engine, and while the exact workings of the Google algorithms are not public knowledge, it’s understood that a Google+ account will help ensure the highest visibility of a business within Google.

A Google+ account also has the added bonus of providing more location-based information on a business that will help current and potential clients find information about that business when conducting a location-based search on Google Maps.

2 Engagement:

The 3 main goals of any business’ social media strategy should be to become visible, connect with, and engage your current and potential customers and business partners. Google+ provides a unique platform for building online community around your products and developing and refining your brand.

Hangouts, YouTube videos, and Google Collections are collaborative tools that allow a business to reach customers and industry partners by making use of a variety of media, including video. Video content is one of the hottest trends in online content marketing and Google+ offers tools that make generating video that is simple to use, attractive and sharable. On top of that, Google analytics provide some of the most robust tools for measuring the effectiveness of your content in reaching your intended audience.

3 Verification:

Google is the #1 search engine and it has become so by developing detailed, extensive algorithms that provide users with the best possible answer to their queries. One part of doing this means that the Google will prioritize quality content that is verifiable. Google+ offers one more way for businesses to establish a verifiable brand online.

Once an account is made, companies can input a whole host of information, link to their website homepage, post videos and pictures related to their products, and use Google Maps to provide directions/location information to interested consumers. A verified account will allow that business’ content to appear higher organically in a SERP.

Tips For Utilizing Google+ For Business Effectively

In order to make effective use of your Google+ business account, make sure that your page:
– Is always current and up to date, including business contact and hours.
– Includes cover photos and other visual content that fits your brand and keeps responsive design in mind across platforms (i.e. mobile).
– Encourages reviews, shares and likes by utilizing hashtags, appropriate keywords and sharing content across platforms.
– Connects with your website and make sure to verify your business with Google.
– Engages! +1 relevant content on other’s pages and connect with influential people and pages that will be beneficial to your audience.

Google’s main priority is to provide the best possible user experience, and part of that process includes making it simple for businesses to be more effective online. In order to do so, Google offers tools like Google My Business that are entirely free to use. Check out the following to get started:
Get Your Business Online (GYBO)
Google My Business
Google Analytics

The integration between a Google+ account and other platforms like YouTube and Gmail also make Google+ for business a highly effective tool to use. Google+ also allows you to integrate your content with other social tools by using hashtags and utilizing the follow and shar buttons.

If you’re looking to expand your business’ marketing efforts online, Google also offers tools like AdWords that allow you to pay for clicks on ads you design that will appear above or next to the search results on an SERP when a search matches keywords you have chosen.

Develop a Comprehensive Social Media and SEO Strategy with help from EmoryDay

When you want the most from SEO efforts, it helps to have a Google+ page for your business. Create you account, verify your website, fill out map information and contact, and keep your Google+ business page up to date at very minimum. It will take very little time and can have potentially big results.

Want better results? Contact the online marketing professionals at EmoryDay to help develop a robust and comprehensive social media and SEO strategy to benefit your business!

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