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Drip marketing is a highly effective marketing communication strategy that leverages the use of marketing automation. In drip marketing, a company sends, or “drips,” a set of pre-written messages to customers or new prospects over a period of time. These messages often take the form of marketing emails. You can also use drip marketing with social media posts.

The “Drip” in “drip marketing” is actually an acronym that stands for:

D – Differentiate your product or service. 

R – Reinforce your brand and why your products and services are different and better than the competition. 

I – Inform your new prospects about your brand or inform your current customers about new products and services.

P – Persuade your audience to take action by visiting your site, calling your company, purchasing your products or services, requesting a demo, etc.

Drip Marketing Emails

As we discussed in our post, How To Create A Great Marketing Email, drip email marketing is an excellent way to prospect over email and get potential leads to your website. Drip email marketing is also a great way to re-engage customers and nurture leads until they are finally ready to purchase your products or services.

Drip email marketing may also be referred to as automated email campaigns, lifecycle emails, and autoresponders.

In a drip marketing email campaign, several emails (usually three) are sent over a two week time period. These emails typically follow a particular theme or are sent to a specific audience. For example, a company may send three different emails over the span of two weeks to a list of new leads, with each email focusing on a unique product or service the company offers. In this case, the goal of the drip campaign is to introduce new leads to the different products or services the company offers.

To learn more about writing great marketing emails, check out our post.

Drip Social Media Drip Marketing

Social media is also a great channel for drip marketing. It works by setting up automated posts on your social media channels that deploy at set times/days to your followers. Social media drip marketing is a great way to alert your current customer base of new products or services as well as any promotions you are currently running.

Why You Should Engage In Drip Marketing

Drip marketing, whether via email or social media, is a great way to grow your business because it allows you to generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs. Plus, open rates for drip emails are about 80% higher than single send emails.

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