EmoryDay’s Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

At EmoryDay, we believe email marketing is critical to a successful digital marketing strategy. In fact, great, well-crafted marketing emails can help grow your business and dramatically improve your business’s bottom line. 

Our Email Marketing Services 

Our email marketing services will promote your products and services to secure new customers as well as repeat business from existing customers. Our email marketing services include:

1. Email Strategy

We will develop a full email strategy specific to your products, services, and customers.

2. Email Data Services

We will develop a target audience profile and help you get the contact records you need to attract high-quality leads that will convert to customers. We also can perform email list cleaning and maintenance. And, we will make sure your emails are compliant with CAN-SPAM.

3. Email Design & Content

We have experts in email design, content, and coding at the ready! Our team has the knowhow to make your email campaigns successful.

4. Deployment & Reporting

We provide a fully managed email service, including deploying the emails and providing reporting.

How EmoryDay Approaches Email Marketing 

There are four main types of emails we craft for our clients:

  1. Prospecting emails
  2. Promotions and specials
  3. Client communications
  4. Auto-responder emails

We are also all about drip email campaigns because they are an excellent way to prospect over email and get potential leads to your website or a specific landing page. 

Drip Email Campaigns 

Drip email campaigns can help turn your leads into loyal customers.

Our drip marketing email campaigns consist of three emails sent over a two week time period. The first email functions as an introduction to show people who your business is and what it does. The call-to-action (CTA) is designed to get the reader to learn more about your business. And, the other two are follow-up emails with strong CTAs to get the recipients to take some kind of action, like reply to the email, click on a link, or call your business.  

Once the three drip emails have been sent, we then send monthly emails on your behalf as a remarketing effort. These monthly emails allow you to stay in touch with prospects until they eventually become leads or customers, or they ultimately unsubscribe from your email communications.

Let EmoryDay’s Email Marketing Services Improve Your Bottom Line!

EmoryDay’s email marketing services will help grow business and improve your bottom line!

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