How To Write A Great Subject Line

Email Subjects

Did you know that your subject line can make or break your email marketing campaign? According to Business Insider, the “subject line often determines whether an email is opened.” And, if your marketing emails aren’t opened by your targeted recipients, your email marketing campaign is doomed from the start. But, fear not! We have compiled several tips you can use to ensure your subject lines are always top notch.

7 Tips For Crafting A Great Subject Line

1. Short and sweet is best.

Did you know that most email inboxes only show the first 60 characters of an email’s subject line? And, a recipient will only see about 25 to 30 characters via mobile phone. Business Insider suggest getting “right to the point” and keeping your subject lines to about six to eight words at the most.

2. Use action words. 

According to the marketing gurus over at HubSpot, when sending out a marketing email, you want to make sure your subject line contains action-oriented words that will inspire recipients to open your email and click on your call-to-action.

3. Be concise and clear.

Like we said above, short and sweet is best, and while keeping your subject lines on the shorter side is a great best practice, you also want to make sure they are also concise and clear by avoiding complex and flowery language.

4. Ask a question.

Crafting your subject line in the form of a question is a great way to get your recipients’ attention and make them want to open your email.

5. Personalize it.

According to Business Insider, one of the best ways to make your subject line interesting to your recipient is to personalize it by using their name or their company’s name.

6. Indicate how valuable your products and services are.

Make sure you specify the value your products and services have to offer in your subject line. People want to know what exactly you can do for them or what they are going to get from you. Also, if your marketing email is about a promotion, discount, special service, or special offer, make sure you highlight that in the subject line as well, as people love discounts and special offers.

7. Steer clear of spammy practices.

According to the Constant Contact team, subject lines that are “aggressively salesly” are guaranteed to make their way to the spam folder instead of the inbox. So, do everything you can to avoid sounding spammy in your subject line. This includes using any words with all caps, multiple exclamation points, and words that are overly promotional, like “free.”

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