How A Marketing Plan Can Transform Your Business

strategic marketing plans for small business

For small business owners day-to-day operations can be so time consuming that planning for the future gets put on the back burner.  When all their time goes into goes to managing the business, figuring out how to market the business can be overwhelming.

Many businesses start inconsistent marketing efforts, but aren’t sure if their attempts are worth it or add up to success. To grow a small business, a highly actionable, strategic plan should be created and executed with a plan to track results.

Get our tips on how to use a strategic marketing plan to take your business to the next level.

Identify Current Business Strengths and Weaknesses

It can often be difficult to take a step back and get a bird’s eye view of your business when you are surrounded by the everyday details.

A marketing plan can help you get down on paper the current state of your business and help define your near term objectives, and long term goals. This may show areas of improvement for your sales process, or low hanging fruit opportunities you may be missing. This can also give you a baseline of comparison to see how much your business has grown after executing your marketing plan.

Build Your Marketing Message

A marketing plan can help clearly define your business to your target audience. It can help clarify what you do, and how you do it better than your competitors.

By taking a deep dive into your ideal potential customer, you can gain an understanding of what kind of messaging will connect best with your target audience. A marketing plan will also gives an opportunity to create a competitive analysis. This will identify how your competition is positioning themselves, and where they appear to be having success. These types of analysis will help you strengthen your branding as a whole.

Identify A Multi-Channel Strategy

strategic_marketing plans

A Strategic Marketing Plan can increase your business.

To reach new prospects and engage with your current audience, you plan to market through various channels. The messaging should be working together to create a strategic sales funnel.

For example, creating an email campaign and using social media ads to lead a viewer to an SEO friendly landing page. The page then has a form that encourages an action (i.e. download our free guide), and sets a follow up sales strategy into place.

People are bombarded with multiple marketing messages throughout their everyday lives.  To reach your target and create you new customers you need to stand out by using multiple platforms to create consistent touch points and providing a clear, relevant message.

Let EmoryDay Write Your Strategic Marketing Plan

At EmoryDay we have a team of experts that can create a custom strategic marketing plan for your business. Over three webinar meetings we learn about your company, and have the plan delivered within two weeks of our first meeting. The plan is then yours to execute, or work with EmoryDay to put the plan in action. At only $950, the plan is affordable while being completely comprehensive. Contact us today to get started or learn more.


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