The Benefits Of Having A Facebook Page For Your Business

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Facebook is one of the web’s most popular destinations worldwide. Since its conception in 2004, Facebook has grown and evolved at a tremendous rate. It is now used by over 2 billion individuals and companies in nearly every country on the planet. It is the social media king, and it offers many benefits for businesses of all kinds.

A lot of people think Facebook is just for communicating with friends. But, it is actually a great tool for your business to not only communicate with customers and leads, but it can also help you to build relationships with your client base as well as generate a culture around your business.

How Facebook Can Help Your Business 

Creating a Facebook business page can really benefit your business, whether you are a B2B, B2C, or even a small business. Here are some of the many benefits of creating a Facebook business page.

1. Facebook is a great marketing tool.

With 2.8 billion users worldwide, the social media giant has such a large reach, which makes Facebook a great marketing tool for your business. It allows you to reach new customers and direct them right to your website. 

Facebook also has its own advertising platform, so you can design ads or even promote any new content on your website, like blog posts, infographics, newsletters, or e-books.

Facebook ads are great because they can be precisely targeted to a very specific audience. You can target ads by location, interests, age, gender, and much more.

2. Facebook is a great engagement tool for your business. 

Having a Facebook business page allows your business to make connections with your target audience and engage with your online community. You can communicate directly with customers/clients and even leads. And, users can even recommend your business on Facebook, which is great because 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising. Plus, engaging with your Facebook customer base will give you the feedback you need to tailor the products or services your business offers to better suit your customer’s wants and needs.

3. Facebook is great for building trust and a personal connection with current and prospective customers.

A Facebook business page is a great way to share any relevant and useful content you create for your target audience. And, when you share this type of content on your Facebook page, it helps your business to connect to as well as build trust with your target audience. The ability to have this level of personal connection with your customer base is invaluable. As you become a part of your customers’ online community, you generate loyalty and remain on the minds of your existing client base. In turn, this leads to recommendations and gets your customers to keep coming back for more.

4. It will boost your online visibility.

With the largest number of active members of all social media platforms, a Facebook presence is the best way to increase your business’s online visibility. Not only will your business become searchable on Facebook to its vast network of users, but an active Facebook page will increase your business’s visibility in other search engines, like Bing and Google. Also, if your business’s Facebook page maintains an active presence, it will appear above your website on the SERPs. This is a great way for your business to get seen by solid leads, who can then be directed from your Facebook page to your website in order to convert sales.

5. Facebook is great for brand awareness and humanizing your business. 

When businesses have a Facebook page, they present themselves as current, relevant, and thriving. This is a great way to build brand awareness, demonstrate your brand, and humanize your business. All of these will go a long way to differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Additionally, Facebook has an “Offers” feature, where you can set up coupons to be redeemed in store or online. This type of promotional activity will drive traffic to your page, increasing your brand awareness.

Tips for Utilizing Facebook for Your Business

Here are some easy steps to help build brand awareness and increase sales by using Facebook.

1. Create an appealing page.

Your Facebook page gives credibility to your business, so the branding should be consistent with the rest of your marketing channels. Use your business logo for your primary photo and a cover photo that showcases your company’s capabilities. Be sure to include a concise description of what your business offers along with your contact information. 

2. Share content. 

Facebook’s value is its word of mouth appeal. By using your Facebook page to share interesting and relevant content, viewers are more likely to share your content with friends, which will help drive more traffic to your page. Be sure to keep posts short. Also, by tying in photos or video clips to your posts, you will see more interaction/engagement from your audience. 

3. Take advantage of the Build Your Audience tool. 

While sharing content will help your business gain followers organically, you can also take advantage of the platform’s Build Your Audience tool. Located in the Admin section, the Build Your Audience tool allows you to invite contacts to “like” your page. You can also create a “like” ad with an image and a call-to-action to “like” your page. After viewers hit the “like” button, any new content you post will appear on their feed. 

4. Monitor your activity. 

Facebook has easy-to-use analytics. You can keep track of how many people are interacting with your page and what content is receiving the most buzz. There are tools to track your ad spending and effectiveness, and you can also set up tracking to see how many people are visiting your website from Facebook. 

Take Advantage of All Facebook Has to Offer!

Facebook is one of the best places for a small business to begin its online marketing strategy. Creating a presence on facebook can help you engage with your target audience and even improve your bottom line. Plus Facebook is relatively simple to use, requires a minimal budget, and has the potential to bring in a wealth of high-quality leads. 

Developing a Facebook Strategy for Your Business – Help from EmoryDay

If you want to get the greatest return from your business’s Facebook page, the EmoryDay team can help! When you partner with us, you gain access to an entire team of marketing experts, including social media strategists who can help you create and maintain an active Facebook community. Contact us for a free consultation.


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