Should You Be Tweeting? Get The Most From Twitter For Business


The answer to this question is yes, but. Yes, as a business, you should be using Twitter. But it is not enough to just blast out tweets. And if you’re not using Twitter astutely, you’re wasting your time. If you’re not tweeting at all, you’re missing out on an opportunity for creating a level of engagement with your clients that no business should pass up.

As a marketing platform, Twitter is very difficult to use for lead generation. If you’re just looking for the biggest “bang for your buck,” Twitter alone is not going to give you the kind of ROI you are wanting to measure. However, as part of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, Twitter can be an incredibly useful tool for engaging with your customers.

And when you’re engaging with your customers, encouraging brand loyalty and sharing relevant content, that inevitably leads to quality lead gen.

Twitter for Businesses – How To Tweet

Starting a Twitter page for your business couldn’t be easier; create your handle, fill out a bio, choose an engaging photo, and start tweeting. What is not so simple is using Twitter to build your brand and reach your intended audience.

With a 140 character limit on tweets, it is easy to assume Twitter would be one of the least time consuming of the social networking platforms. But using Twitter efficiently as a business requires an entirely different approach than creating and sharing online content on other social mediums.

Business Tweeting Best Practices:

  • Work with the medium. Twitter’s strictly limited word count requirement gives you an opportunity to be clever and succinct with your content. Also, join the existing conversation! Find Twitter chat for your industry and becoming a participant is a strong way to become a trusted voice in your industry.
    • Use hashtags and @mentions to connect and engage with influencers in your industry
    • Retweet relevant posts and updates of influencers that apply to your business
    • Link to industry related blog posts, your own blog posts, and call out for shares
  • Engage via quality content shares. Your overall goal with your Twitter account should be to build engagement with your clients, not pushing marketing. Focus on building a quality following of real individuals and businesses who want to interact with you, not just the sheer number of followers.
  • Build your brand. While it must again be stressed that marketing and lead gen should not be your main goal on Twitter, building your brand is! Create and share content that is relevant to your business and will also be interesting and useful to your followers.
  • Create a schedule for posting in which you time your tweets not only with when your followers are most active, but to coordinate with other the posts you’re sharing on other social media platforms. Not only does this guarantee that you maintain an active Twitter presence, but will lessen your overall workload as you’re using related content across platforms, plus promote continuity.
  • Make use of strong visual branding. In 2017, Twitter and the other social media platforms are very image and video friendly. Good images can pull attention to your content and help support your brand. This approach to using strong supporting images needs to extend to your profile picture and logo, as well as posts.

Using Twitter as a Part of a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy

While following these best practices is the right way to create good content for sharing on Twitter, if you are using Twitter as a business you are seeking to get those tweets read by your target audience and building those quality followers. To accomplish that takes consistency and dedication to maintaining an active social presence, which takes time and effort. That’s where an online content marketing team can help.

The online marketing professionals at EmoryDay can help you build an active Twitter feed for your business and help you to effectively build and engage with followers. Contact us for a free consultation about our comprehensive marketing services and learn how Twitter can boost your business.

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