Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms on the web, with millions of users from all walks of life. Twitter allows users to send messages to their feed of 140 characters or less, and takes advantage of a ‘hashtag’ (#) system that brands specific words. The most popular hashtags are considered to…

Google +

Google + is a social network, created by Google, that is very similar to Facebook. While similar, it has features that make it different. Within Google + is an application known as Google Circles. This is a handy application that allows users to form groups that share information only among members of that group.

Webmaster Tools

When it comes to improving the performance of your eCommerce business, you should consider leveraging the power of webmaster tools. Some of the best webmaster tools available online at this time are Google’s webmaster tools, Yahoo’s Site Explorer webmaster tools, and’s webmaster tools. How To Improve Your Website Using Webmaster Tools

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo! Site Explorer is an excellent business tool that has recently been merged with Bing’s Webmaster Tools to provide added efficiency. The goal of the site explorer is to increase the traffic flow to a business website. Many small and unknown businesses have trouble increasing the flow of their desired clientele to their websites, and…

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a suite of online tools by Google made to help webmasters get their sites optimized and presented in an attractive and easy to use manner on search engines. Tools include structured data tagging and HTML checking, checking up on site links, keyword tools, crawling tools, a search engine for your site,…’s Webmaster Tools has recently consolidated with Bing’s Webmaster Tools in order to provide a more quality and concise experience. The tool is designed to add traffic of a desired clientele to small business sites using search engine keywords.

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